The Team

Introducing the EE-TAW Team

We are but a small team made up of a few surviving players from the previous iterations of Earth Eternal, some of whom have been around from near the very beginning. Because of this, we have developed a passion for the world of Earth Eternal and want to see it live on.

First and foremost is that those of us involved are not doing this for profit. Earth Eternal - The Anubian War is a hobby project for all of us. As such, while some of you might be inclined to want to support our efforts financially, we will have to politely decline as we are not doing this for anything other than our love for the game itself. Although we are indeed striving to make this iteration of Earth Eternal a professional looking game, none of us are doing this full time. We all have real lives to get on with; but, we believe each of us has something to bring to the table to fix this charming, yet historically broken, game and we want to share the results of our work with you!

So without further ado, we introduce to you our hard working developer team.

Emerald Icemoon

emerald's picture

Emerald is, ahem, ancient, having been playing since the days of Sparkplay's closed beta. Having also run the ArmourEE Wiki, she is now the main admin and coder for our new efforts here at The Anubian War.

Heathendel Dustrunner

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Another long time player, 'Heath' is perhaps the glue that kept things going even during the mostly 'dead' times near the end of Planet Forever. He is now in charge of all gameplay and content design and is the evil brain behind The Anubian War storyline. When things slow down, Heath is the driving force that keeps us all moving forward!

Rictar Gasper

Rictar's picture

Our resident Grove Hermit and long time player from as far back as the early Sparkplay Open Beta. Beginning in Planet Forever, this reclusive rodent would often be found standing on a rock in his grove while dreaming up new crazy ideas for things to build. With such skills, Rictar is now our main world builder, creating new places for you to explore.

Liska Quicksilver

LiskaQuicksilver's picture

Liska is perhaps the most ancient player of us all, having found Earth Eternal during its earliest days when EE itself was still under the banner of Iron Realms Entertainment and more a concept than an actual game. Dubbed 'The Loremaster' sometime during Planet Forever, he could be considered the game's unofficial historian. With this background, Liska is now our primary lore writer and the go-to person when it comes to certain bits of knowledge regarding Earth Eternal, it's history or it's game lore.

Rivers Slypaw

Wuffie's picture

An old beast that's been around since from Sparkplay's open beta, Rivers made it to level 53 before the servers closed. Later on, Rivers also managed to be the first player to hit the Planet Forever hard cap of level 55 and the only one to do so twice over. He is our resident level grinder who also has a pinchet for designing equipment of any type. His talents with the latter make him invaluable as a content designer for various armor or weapon rewards which you might wind up acquiring while in your travels.

Rozene Kitsune

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Another veteran of Earth Eternal, Rozene has played as far back as the Sparkplay days. He reappeared during Planet Forever and was among those who got hold of the PF assets when they were released to the public. Using these, Rozene became the admin for the EE private server Earth Eternal Reboot for a time before later being recruited to the team here at The Anubian War. As the newest member of the TAW team, Rozene carries the skills from his time running EE Reboot to assist in expanding the game in its new direction while also learning new things from the rest of the team. In addition to this, Rozene has taken on the role of host for the new TAW IRC chat channels. If you see him there, say 'hi'!


For credits to other historical contributors to the Earth Eternal world, see our Acknowledgements page.