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Windows 10 Help

Awhile ago I updated my computer to Windows 10 and kinda lost track in playing EE due to various reasons.   Actually a lot of my gaming experiences was put on hold but that's another subject.  Anyhow,.......trying to load up the game via Windows 10 creates problems.   It won't load or anything.  Occasionally I get a message saying to restart the client but again.......don't know how.   Hey,....I don't talk computer geek or anything.  


In any case, it a case where EE is unplayable with Windows 10 or is there something that I can download that will help me log back in???


Thanks in advance.


- Ghiz



If the game is up and running but is going through Scourge of Adiban.......I downloaded that awhile ago but I don't think I ever got the registration key.